Marianne Kimani

Thank you Daventry

Thank you for being part of my journey. We achieved a lot in a short campaign. And I met some lovely people along the way. Daventry will forever be dear to me

Marianne Kimani

About Marianne

A Voice of experience and dedication

Marianne has called Northamptonshire home for over 25 years. She built a life through resilience and community integration. Her journey exemplifies determination and the power of community.

A proven leader and organizer

With over 25 years in healthcare management, Marianne has led diverse teams and advocated for local issues. She was a Labour candidate in two local council elections in 2021, emerging more resilient and connected. Marianne holds a degree in social policy and criminology from Middlesex University and has been endorsed by the prestigious Future Candidate, Jo Cox, and Bernie Grant Leadership programmes.

Committed to fairness, justice, and equality

Marianne’s life is guided by her belief in fairness, justice, and equality. She is dedicated to advocating for her community and ensuring every voice is heard.

A servant at heart

Community service is central to Marianne’s identity. She was part of a successful campaign against building houses on Thorplands Park and served as a special constable with Northamptonshire Police, honing her skills in managing difficult situations and effective communication.